Strategies For A Lifetime

There Is No Redo

Strategies for a Lifetime

Authored by Larry P Benovitz M.D.

The three general principles that form the foundation of this book are:
1.Time is the most precious commodity on this earth.
2.Because of this immutable fact we must utilize our time in the most effective ways possible.
3.Implementing the strategies in this book will not only save time but will also help the reader in designing a more satisfying life.
While living life successfully is not an exact science and varies from person to person based on the individual's goals and value system the strategies enumerated and explained will lead the reader to self examination and action.
This is not a book to be read passively.In order to reap the greatest benefits the reader must personalize the book by assiduously completing the "Action Items" at the end of each strategy.
The uniqueness of this book is its simplicity.There is no psychobabble.The strategies are clear,concise, and easily understood.Time is precious.
Start your journey to a better life now because "There Is No Redo."
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About the author:
At the age of six the author experienced a devastating life experience when his father suddenly died.This event set off a chain reaction of experiences which proved more than a challenge to overcome.The author quickly understood the fragility of life and the precious nature of time.Undoubtedly the events of childhood were a key factor in the choice of psychiatry as his life's work.
As time went on Doctor Benovitz became more fascinated by the behavior he observed in his patients,colleagues, friends and people in the world at large.He also became keenly aware of his own thoughts and behavior.He noted that behavior of people followed a pattern and was not as random and haphazard as he originally had thought.He observed that some seemed to live a life of accomplishment and happiness while others struggled through life.Doctor Benovitz wanted to know "why?" He reasoned that if he could answer this question he could design life strategies to help others improve their lot in life.In accepting this task he could not escape how the concept of time was crucial in the overall picture of life.Time is the most precious commodity we have.Once time has passed it cannot be retrieved.Thus Doctor Benovitz combined the concepts of self fulfillment and the limited nature of time.
Simply put we must either get it right the first time or learn the strategies to get back on track.Why? Because "There Is No Redo."